Introducing MediaMachine

We are excited to announce MediaMachine - A suite of video manipulation APIs to help you showcase content in the best light.

With MediaMachine, you can Transcode videos into multiple web-ready formats as well as resolutions, create Intelligent Thumbnails and Intelligent Video Previews (And yes, those can be GIFs too!).


MediaMachine also lets you create the best Thumbnails for your awesome video assets without manual intervention. Get beautiful, representative thumbnails instead of simply picking a frame from random timestamps. See more details about how MediaMachine creates beautiful thumbnails using the MediaMachine Intelligent Thumbnails API.


Simply tell us where your source video is located, what format you'd like us to convert it into and where you'd like the output video to be uploaded. We'll send you a callback once your transformed video is ready and you can get back to delighting your users. Video assets available in native formats and resolutions help your users can get the best experience on their devices. More details about how to transcode videos coming soon, in the meantime you can check our API documentation

Video Previews#

Captivate your audiences using quick Previews that summarize your video. MediaMachine scans your video to smartly stitch together a preview by analyzing the structure of various scenes in the video. More details about how to generate amazing previews coming soon, in the meantime you can check our API documentation

Simplify your video pipelineTry MediaMachine today!

  • Get access to one of the cheapest Cloud-Transcode pipelines

  • Engage users early with great Thumbnails and NLP-Like Video summaries

  • No credit card required

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