Introducing Intelligent Video Thumbnails

Intelligently extract beautiful Thumbnails from your videos

A case for an intelligent Thumbnailing service#

Thumbnails are like book covers for videos. Studies [1, 2] suggest thumbnails play an important role in determining whether to watch a video or skip to another. A high quality thumbnail can boost your video views and engagement. Thumbnails give your users quick visual feedback on the content and resolution quality of a video. These split-second impressions are sometimes used exclusively as a proxy for textual search where your users won’t even read the titles or text summaries of the video on your platforms.

Show me the API docs already!#

How MediaMachine creates Thumbnails#

MediaMachine automatically creates meaningful thumbnails from videos that are highly relevant and appealing to your users. MediaMachine generates these thumbnails by scanning your videos for the most representative, high quality frames which are then fed through a video processing pipeline that picks the best thumbnails which score high on metrics like brightness, sharpness etc.

MediaMachine works especially well with user created videos since they are usually recorded on phones while people are walking or fumbling with keys.

Even for this difficult, low-light & generally blurry video shot using a mobile phone, MediaMachine was able to find a comparatively crisp thumbnail compared to other services.

Blurry (Other services)Crisp (MediaMachine)
Intelligently extract beautiful Thumbnails from your videosIntelligently extract beautiful Thumbnails from your videos

Additionally, we intelligently detect scene transitions and avoid picking a thumbnail around those low quality (blurry, not very sharp) frames. Our system generally outputs thumbnails that are comparable to those chosen by professional video editors. Say goodbye to blank, blurry and low-quality thumbnails.

Using the MediaMachine API for Thumbnails#

Here is the simplest API call for generating Thumbnails using MediaMachine:

curl -X "POST" "" \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8' \
-d '{
"apiKey": <your mediamachine api key>,
"inputURL": "s3://<your s3 bucket>/<your awesome video>.mp4",
"inputCreds": {
"accessKeyId": "<the secret stuff>",
"secretAccessKey": "<more secret stuff>",
"region": "<your aws region>"
"outputURL": "s3://<your s3 bucket>/<your awesome thumbnail>.jpg",
"outputCreds": {
"accessKeyId": "<the secret stuff>",
"secretAccessKey": "<more secret stuff>",
"region": "<your aws region>"

You can also customize the width of the output Thumbnail, setup callbacks etc. Checkout the API docs here

The science#

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