Introducing Video Transcoding

Should I MP4 or WebM?

Intelligently extract beautiful Thumbnails from your videos

Videos are one of the fastest growing categories of user generated content, with upwards of 85% of internet users in the United States streaming online videos every week!

MediaMachine simplifies the process of encoding your video assets into different formats. If you're running a platform that serves videos to users, and not supporting multiple formats and resolutions, you are missing out. For example, YouTube makes their videos available in more than 5 resolutions and formats.

Let MediaMachine focus on handling your video transcoding needs while you focus on your business.

Show me the API docs already!

Introducing Intelligent Video Thumbnails

Intelligently extract beautiful Thumbnails from your videos

A case for an intelligent Thumbnailing service#

Thumbnails are like book covers for videos. Studies [1, 2] suggest thumbnails play an important role in determining whether to watch a video or skip to another. A high quality thumbnail can boost your video views and engagement. Thumbnails give your users quick visual feedback on the content and resolution quality of a video. These split-second impressions are sometimes used exclusively as a proxy for textual search where your users won’t even read the titles or text summaries of the video on your platforms.

Introducing MediaMachine

We are excited to announce MediaMachine - A suite of video manipulation APIs to help you showcase content in the best light.

With MediaMachine, you can Transcode videos into multiple web-ready formats as well as resolutions, create Intelligent Thumbnails and Intelligent Video Previews (And yes, those can be GIFs too!).