Infrastructure for User-Generated Video content

Engage users and boost your brand with Intelligent Video Thumbnail generation, NLP-like Video Summarization, and a rock-solid Video Transcoding pipeline.

Bring video assets from any cloud provider:

No credit card required, first 10 GB are on us 😉

Save up to 35%

Estimated price: 5000 x [10 min 1080p] video transcode calls

processed so far
Simple, Fast, Cost-Effective


Cloud Transcoding

Transcode your video from virtually any format to web-friendly formats like MP4, WEBM (more coming soon!).

Intelligent Video Summary

Get a GIF or MP4 (with or without audio) that summarizes your video

Intelligent Thumbnailing

Using our smart algorithm, always get the best thumbnail you can get from your video. No more blank thumbnails!

Pay by the Byte!

There's no upfront fee, or monthly hidden charges. Just pay as you go!.

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