MediaMachine API

The MediaMachine api lets you extract beautiful Thumbnails from your videos, create video Summaries (or Previews) and Transcode videos between different sizes and formats. Inputs and outputs can be hosted on S3 compatible stores (AWS S3, Azure Blob Store, Google Bucket) or hosted on file servers accessible via HTTP.

All routes are relative to

Here are some definitions of terms we use across the documentation:#
  • 8K Video: resolution greater than 2160, up to and including 4320.
  • 4K Video: resolution greater than 1080 but less than 2160.
  • HD Video: resolution greater than or equal to 720, but less than or equal to 1080.
  • SD Video: resolution less than 720.
  • Blob Store: input/output data store like s3, azure blob store, gcp buckets etc
Sizing/resolution calculation:#
  • For outputs with a landscape orientation, resolution is measured vertically.
  • For outputs with a portrait orientation, resolution is measured horizontally.
  • Currently, we DO NOT support 8K video. If you want to process 8K videos, please contact us at
Additional Information:#