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How MediaMachine uses Traefik for easy-to-maintain request routing

traefik proxy network diagram

MediaMachine.io is an IaaS platform for user-generated video content and we use Traefik as the reverse proxy in our network layer. This blog details how we leverage Traefik to run a highly-available infrastructure that is also easy for us to maintain.

So, what is Traefik?#

traefik proxy network diagram

Traefik is a popular, open-source reverse proxy implementation in Go. It is actively maintained by Traefik Labs (they used to be called Containous). Traefik allows you to expose network resources to the internet (or even other networks), manage routing based on hostnames, url paths etc.

You can use Traefik to redirect HTTP traffic to another, private IP address, to provide HTTPS access for your customers or to provide a reverse proxy to web servers sitting in your internal VPC. This is especially useful if you run you infrastructure on a public cloud, such as AWS.

What problems does it solves for us?#

Let’s see how Traefik fits into a modern network plane.

Tutorial: Tailscale on AWS with Terraform

video transcoding in 2021

Tailscale for internal VPN#

At MediaMachine.io we use Tailscale for sharing both our internal development environment as well as the internal tooling network layer. For example, we run Nomad and expose the UI on our internal network. Tailscale makes it super easy to isolate our internal resources from our external facing network. We also use tailscale to quickly share our locally running dev servers which is especially useful for our remote team setup.

Use Terraform to manage your Tailscale nodes#

Running bespoke, hand-crafted infrastructure is not the same as hand-made furniture from your local artists. Infrastructure-as-code has a lot of benefits: