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Captivate your audience with intelligent video summaries

For a video content platform, one of the goals is to increase the views and clickthroughs but we shouldn't leave value behind. Your users' time is valuable. People appreciate introductory summaries of long-form articles (or a Tl;dr), and it'd be great to give your users the option to preview a video before watching it. Thumbnails and video summaries are a great way to showcase content on both mobile as well as web platforms.

Thumbnails are a good start for giving your users a preview quickly without downloading entire videos. But we hope you aren't shooting in the dark and throwing the first frame of your video on there (which could be irrelevant or blank at worst). That's not the best way to invite users to engage with your platform! If you'd like to give your users a much nicer experience, you should checkout how MediaMachine extracts the best looking thumbnails from videos.

Graduating beyond static thumbnails, video summaries are extremely effective at increasing user engagement. Video summaries can also help make your apps feel snappier by only downloading a smaller summary of the video instead of the larger video.

Million dollar video summaries#

There is a reason why some movie trailers cost millions of dollars! They give viewers a glimpse into what to expect - a sneak peak that drums up excitement and lets directors create a scaffolding to elevate their story telling.

Similarly, video summaries provide your users information about the content of large videos in a short amount of time. This signal helps your them evaluate if the video content they are about to engage with is interesting or not.

For example, if your user is about to watch a documentary,