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The art and science of a great video thumbnail

Your Thumbnails Are Bad And You Should Feel Bad#

If you've got user-generated videos on your site that you want users to engage with, you need them to make a good first impression.

Great thumbnails are the key to that, but you've got to do better than just giving the viewer an idea of the content because a great/engaging thumbnail can surprisingly increase user engagement by almost 2x.

Too many sites are extracting thumbnails with one of these methodologies from the Hall of Lame:

  • Select a frame from the first few seconds.
  • Pick a random frame from the video.

These thumbnails are for a video about being stuck in traffic. Which one would you click?#

So how do we do better?#

Introducing Intelligent Video Thumbnails

Intelligently extract beautiful Thumbnails from your videos

A case for an intelligent Thumbnailing service#

Thumbnails are like book covers for videos. Studies [1, 2] suggest thumbnails play an important role in determining whether to watch a video or skip to another. A high quality thumbnail can boost your video views and engagement. Thumbnails give your users quick visual feedback on the content and resolution quality of a video. These split-second impressions are sometimes used exclusively as a proxy for textual search where your users won’t even read the titles or text summaries of the video on your platforms.